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Industrial Holding GI INDUSTRIAL HOLDING S.p.a was established 4 years ago and brought to climatic market a new brand CLINT. It includes three modern factories with more than 20 years of experience in the sector of climate technology. All of them are located in the north of Italy. Each company has its own design departments, testing laboratories, have rich experience in the development of new equipment and know-how. It has made a significant contribution to the production of new equipment. The annual 60% increase in sales confirmed the correctness of the chosen solution. Holding manufactures chillers, fan coil units, roof air conditioners, and precision air conditioners under the brand CLINT and ventilation equipment under the brand NOVAIR.
CLINT Equipment

CLINT Equipment

CLINT Liquid chillers with air-cooled and heat pumps Inverter Heat Pumps Water coolers and Heat Pumps Dedicated heat pumps Aircooled liquid chillers with turbocor compressors Liquid chillers and heat pumps with scroll compressors Liquid chillers with centrifugal compressors Liquid chillers and heat pumps for residential and light commercial applications Multifunction units...

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