Lviv (032) 298-85-22 st. Smal-Stockogo 1, of.210
Kyiv (044) 362-88-91 Chornomorska 1
Odessa (067) 672-88-01 Fontanska doroga st.

1€ = 0   14.12.2018
1$ = 0   14.12.2018


The company "Greydvent invites talented and motivated people to take part in the competition for a sales manager of ventilation equipment (sales representative) in the following regions:

Kiev (Kyiv region)
Dnipropetrovsk (Dnepropetrovsk region)
Donetsk (Donetsk region)
Kharkov (Kharkiv region)
Odessa (Odessa region)
Lvov (Lviv)
Republic of Crimea

Requirements: higher education, sales experience in this field, result-oriented.

Please send your resume to email