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Exclusive representative equipment VBW Engineering and Nenutec in Ukraine


LCC "Gradevent"- a young developing company which specializes in selling high-quality equipment for professional ventilation and air conditioning, designing and manufacturing of automation switchboards. The work of our company aims to create and maintain a comfortable microclimate in the premises of any type.     

We offer modern technology that is constantly being improved, excellent quality of equipment and good delivery terms. We want to be your reliable partner to go with you on the path to success and prosperity.

Today in Ukraine we offer the following brands of equipment:

VBW Engineering - one of the leading companies in Europe, CIS and Baltic countries producing HVAC equipment. The company produces various types of installations, supply and exhaust, roof-top, channel-free, suspended and mini - central air conditioning, and a new direction - air conditioners with heat recovery. Units can be placed in any premises, offices, restaurants, shopping halls, swimming pools, cottages – wherever you want to combine comfort with energy-saving technologies. A good quality of assembly, and relatively low price alBlows VBW Engineering to compete in the European market with similar climatic equipment leading manufacturers.

Clint - received international acclaim thanks to its high-tech and flexible solutions, and by strict European quality control. All Clint’s products are produced at three factories of holding GI HOLDING Spa (Italy). Each product is checked at every stage of production and being tested under conditions that are as close to real, simulating even the most unusual situations. 30 years of experience and innovations enable the company to offer customized solutions, especially for large projects. Chillers for indoor and outdoor installation, compressor condenser units, fancoil units and refrigeration systems such ROOF-TOP brand Clint effectively used in residential areas, commercial and industrial facilities and are accompanied by full before - and after sales service.

Montair - precision air conditioners that are absorbed best qualities and know-how of individual companies working in the field of precision air-conditioning and air treatment. Each subdivision deals with individual direction and for specific customer needs. High reliability of Montair products is provided  by careful selection of components and confirmed by numerous laboratory studies. All products meet European standards and provides a favorable climate for the smooth operation of equipment such as enterprise data centers, servers, medical laboratories and communication centers.

           Company LENNOX - one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for ventilation and air conditioning. In 2007 the company's sales exceeded U.S. $ 3.7 billion.

Total company LENNOX 16,000 works, developing, producing and selling a wide range of equipment for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, including 4700 - in Europe. The European division of LENNOX includes four plants.

Activities of the European branch of LENNOX covers Europe, Africa, the Middle and Near East. In these territories, the company was founded by a wide network of own sales agencies and offices.

ActionClima - Italian company that specializes in the manufacture of fancoils and air handling equipment for homes, commercial areas (offices, shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels). The company's products are high quality and ActionClima offers quality service to its clients and covers various air treatment problems for the customer.

           Bini - the company is working since 1977 for air conditioning and ventilation system (fan coil units of various types, chillers and heat pumps).
The plant, the total area of ​​11,000 m2, (Department of sheet metal, shop painting and drying, assembly and testing of products) is located in Rovereto in northern Italy.

Internal technical department of the plant can explore and implement any prototype at the specific request and the client's request.

Nenutec  is a world leader in manufacturing of electric power transmission systems dedicated for both HVAC sector and industrial automatic control systems. Our activities are mainly focused on OEM customers interested in professional service and dedicated versions of automatic control products, in particular damper electric actuators and valve control actuators. Our well experienced staff is able to meet even the most sophisticated requirements of customers which is proved by high quality products we offer and credentials from our committed customers.

         KLIMAGIEL is Italian company which has huge experience working in climatisation sphere and is one of the best developers of modern textile (cotton) air circuit systems. KLIMAGIEL channels are presented by large variety of high qualitative products for even air distribution and was fond a use in every industry sector. KLIMAGIEL channels is made of high qualitative synthetic material and manufactured in wide color variety. Thanks to it, it is possible to choose a color according to interior of accommodations. Cotton air circuit systems are made with the help of two technologies, which are SOFT-IN (air penetrating) and JET-IN (air-resistant) technologies. Textile air circuit systems are simple and easy in installation, have small weight and specific technological aspects, which allow to build them into every design and interior. Textile air circuit systems KLIMAGIEL have reasonable cost and excellent quality and would be a great alternative to traditional metal conduit. 

The company "Gradevent" offers a modern, constantly evolving technology, excellent quality equipment and good delivery time. We aim to become your reliable partner and together with you to go on the road to success and prosperity. Our company offers solutions in the area of ​​design and development of automation systems for ventilation, refrigeration, heating and other engineering systems. In developing of automation panels that have controllers, our company uses the following brands: "Raut-Avtomatik», "Carel", "Siemens", "Johnson Controls", "Danfoss". In the production of panels we are using components leading manufacturers of electrical products, namely - contactors, circuit breakers, metallic boxes with protection level IP66 - a Eaton-Moeller; LED lights, buttons, plastic shell IP66 - Schneider Electric; frequency inverters - Lenze; power switches, plugs - ETI; transformers - Hager; relay - Relpol.